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Selling tobacco is a lucrative business to be in, and although banks know this, it is still sometimes just too high a risk for them to take part. Tobacco and vape businesses follow a large number of regulations, more than other businesses, but the regulations are not the only reason for their high risk status. Other factors that make tobacco a high risk business include the heavy taxes placed on tobacco sales. They also include the fact that people are more and more aware of the ill health effects smoking tobacco has on people.

Despite the multi-billion dollar market share, some banks are simply not willing to associate with the tobacco and vaping business. The challenges for tobacco merchants increase once they go online, especially regarding the federal and state regulations imposed on them. One reason for these challenges is that not all states allow tobacco home deliveries. On top of that, it is hard to avoid underage sales online. When applying for a merchant account or card processing system, be sure your business is adapted correctly with all federal, state and local regulations. We can help you with all these things, or you can also call the Alcohol and Tobacco Trade Bureau.

If you are interested wholesale tobacco sales, we help you effortlessly process level 2 and level 3 payments and make it possible for you to save money when you accept credit cards from other businesses. Our business to business software has the ability to process enhanced data at a reduced interchange rate, usually reserved for commercial credit card payments. We can save you hundreds to thousands of dollars a year in processing fees depending on your business to business sales volume.

Our Cash Discount Program, knowledge and approved accounts for the Tobacco industry allows Tobacco merchants and shops to have a more competitive edge overall, as well as increasing their profit margins. Using a Cash Discount Pricing model charges a flat fee per month of $7 for each account, conveniently eliminating the long term contract, and the ever increasing merchant fees you are used to paying. This makes things so much easier on the retailer. Our Cash Discount Program works by offering better pricing for cash paying consumers and legally charges a small one time processing fee for those paying with a debit or credit card as long as there is sign in your store that states all prices posted or quoted is the cash price. Our Cash Discount Program is a legally proven fee surcharge way to save you thousands of dollars without a long term contract.

Credit Debit Processing has 25 years of merchant experience in the credit & debit card processing industry that allows us to offer professional guidance for your business. Please contact us and we can provide you with all the information you need to make a cost saving decision, and to sign up for our Cash Discount Program that is sure to save you thousands of dollars without a long term contract.

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