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Bancard Midwest is the perfect merchant service provider with our Cash Discount Program for Tattoo Artists and Tattoo Shops.

We have worked with Tattoo Artists for over 15 years and know the industry well.

This program can save thousands of dollars in credit card processing fees per year.

As a newest corporate member with APT, we’re offering our Credit Card services to help its members eliminate the fees they pay to accept Credit Cards.

Tattoo Artists know how to safely craft the perfect tattoo and their customers are looking for quality. They will know, most likely from referrals that your Tattoo Shop is where they want to be and know the value of it.

Every part of the tattoo experience is being judged by the customer. That’s why we want to assist you in making their experience as pleasant as possible but also allowing you to use the advantages of a good Cast Discount program to reduce your costs. If your customer chooses to pay cash, they eliminate the fees to them. It ends up being a win-win for everyone.

Through a special program, our Cash Discount Program merchant account can provide APT Members with a free credit card terminal or state of the art iPhone mobile reader for your Tattoo artists and studio.

Sign up for our Cash Discount Program to enjoy the low monthly fee of $7 per account, and all other merchant fees are legally passed onto the customer as long as there is a sign in your studio that states all prices listed are the cash price. We find that clients are more than comfortable to cover these fees for the unique work you have done for them.

If you have customers that pay with credit or debit cards, this Program charges customers a small convenience fee saving you thousands of dollars without a long term contract.

Credit Debit Processing has 25+ years of merchant experience in the credit & debit card processing industry that allows us to offer professional guidance for your business. Please contact us and we can provide you with all the information you need to make a cost saving decision, and to sign up for our Cash Discount Program that is sure to save you thousands of dollars without a long term contract.

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