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Bail Bond Companies see that their credit card processing costs are increasing as more defendants or clients use credit or debit cards to get bailed out. Now there is a way that the defendant or client pays their processing fee through our Cash Discount Program. Defendants or clients know that using a credit card or debit card for payment is the quickest way to speed up the bail process to get out of jail as fast as possible. Plus paying the bail bond this way may be the most expedient form of payment for the bail bondsman.

Clients have taken advantage of bailing a loved one out of jail using a credit or debit card without coming into the office. This can be very convenient when a defendant is arrested late at night or into the morning. In addition, family members often have to go to work and can’t meet the bail bondsmen until they get off from work. Using a credit card or debit card often helps to avoid the inconvenience or embarrassment of not coming in or leaving work to bail out the family member. In addition, paying for a bail bond by a credit or debit card is the best option for parents of college students or anyone who lives far away from the person they are bailing out. The whole point is they want the person released from custody in the fastest way possible and are not concerned with a small extra processing fee they need to pay.

We have a designed payment system for Bail Bond Companies. Our Cash Discount or fee surcharge program allows the bail bond agents to take credit and debit payments through the smart phone scanners we provide at a discount. We provide the same that can be used in the office along with a dashboard program that tracks and sorts all payments by agent. The cost of our Cash Discount Program is $7.00 per month plus the one time cost of the payment scanners.

Our Cash Discount Program is a legally proven fee surcharge way to save you thousands of dollars without a long term contract.

Credit Debit Processing has 25 years of merchant experience in the credit & debit card processing industry that allows us to offer professional guidance for your bail bond business. Please contact us and we can provide you with all the information you need to make a cost saving decision, and to sign up for our Cash Discount Program that is sure to save you thousands of dollars without a long term contract.

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