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Credit Debit Processing is different than most merchant service providers because we offer our Cash Discount Program that greatly reduces your merchant fees and costs with a flat monthly rate of $7 per account. Our Cash Discount Program increases your profits by legally passing merchant fees to the customer with a fee surcharge. This is wave of the future and gas stations have been doing this for several years by posting a cash price you only get when paying by cash but not with a credit or debit card. All that is required of the merchant is having a small sign we provide near the cash register and/or posting language and/or stating that all prices seen are the cash price.

We also offer traditional merchant processing that will cost less than other merchant service programs. With our 25 years of experience, we are aware of all issues that affect businesses and their ability to accept credit and debit cards. Some businesses are more challenging than others, and they include the ones specifically involving the sale of CBD oil, tobacco, and vape. Due to varying state and federal regulations, it’s important to be sure you are in line with all the regulations, including all local regulations.

With our experience we make sure that chargeback prevention strategies are in place and that they include a concise and well worded refund policy, that clearly written and leaves no place for questions or error.

Another important consideration is making sure you have age verification and the best delivery practices in place for any online sales you may be doing. Not all states carry the same age laws, and this is vital for your business, to be sure you are following all federal, state and local guidelines.

The third consideration is to make sure you have not been MATCH Listed. The MATCH List means Member Alert to Control High Risk Merchants. This means that a business listed here is considered a risky business venture and will likely encounter difficulty trying to acquire a merchant account. This list was created by MasterCard to compile information on businesses and owners when their merchant accounts have been terminated for one reason or another. It is used by banks to screen businesses and to assist in determining if a business should be considered for credit card processing privileges. If your business has been added to this list, it’s important to find out what area of your business caused the listing and to get that area cleaned up so you can be removed from the list.

The reason Credit Debit Processing cares about such things is because as your merchant service provider, we are moving credit card payments from the customers’ banks to yours, and we also take the responsibility of covering fraud and charge losses if you cannot. Merchant service providers are second in line to pay back banks and credit card companies, which is why we work with you to offset these and other high risk factors.

Credit Debit Processing has 25 years of merchant experience in the credit & debit card processing industry that allows us to offer professional guidance for your business. Please contact us and we can provide you with all the information you need to make a cost saving decision, and to sign up for our Cash Discount Program that is sure to save you thousands of dollars without a long term contract.

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