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Pax S80

Our advanced countertop POS terminal, the PAX S80, is a powerful new version, combining innovative technology with long lasting, high performance standards that assure more reliability and expedited transactions.

The PCI PTS 3.x approved S80 is equipped with a variety of communication technologies, including both Dial and Ethernet options. This advanced connectivity combined with an intuitive ATM style interface and ergonomic keypad provide easy operations, and both merchant and consumer satisfaction.

It easily integrates with the Clover Station, for convenience, simplicity and multiple work site compatibility. Gone are the frustrating days of needing to finish everything in one location. You can easily start a transaction in one location and finish it up in another. Merchants and consumers are happier, which means better business for everyone.

The PAX S80 is provided at no cost with our Cash Discount Program for qualifying merchant accounts.


  • PCI PTS 3.x certified
  • High speed ARM 11 processor
  • Large Memory Capacity
  • Dial and Ethernet
  • EMV, Magstrip and Contactless / NFC

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