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For a simplified and centralized point of sale and payments system, the Clover Station is the desired device merchants need for payment acceptance, customer engagement, and operations management all culminated into one integrated device.

The Clover Station is a complete system with robust software and ultimate flexibility with multi-layered protection, all rolled up into one amazing device.

The Clover Station allows contactless payment acceptance with a fully integrated EMV® card. The Clover Mini is required for PIN Debit.

It features an elegant design with a beautifully crisp 14” display that swivels smoothly for customer engagement and an e-signature.

The Clover Station is Fingerprint ready for easy merchant login, and has a faster state of the art processor with 4GB RAM. It includes multiple connectivity options for easy set up. You can connect via WI-Fi, Ethernet, or Bluetooth® BLE. There are also four USB ports, and two cash drawer ports.

Other options for the Clover Station include a standard POS printer, and if you want a display for contactless payments, there is an optional POS printer with a 4.3” customer display.

Its sleek design includes an integrated backup batter that lasts up to four hours on a single charge. Be are that the printers will not be operational during use of the backup battery.

The Clover Station is compatible with all existing Clover peripherals. If you choose to take your business on the road, after starting a transaction on the Clover Station, you can easily finish it on the Clover Go for example. This is a great convenience for any traveling merchant. It sets you up for success on the road or at home.

The Clover Station is ideal for any business. In restaurants, it allows customers to pay at the table, without having to wait for the busy server. It frees up the server to serve food hot and delicious, without having to worry about processing a credit card or other payment from another customer.

In retail, apparel and specialty stores, the Clover Station has proven itself over and over. It’s easy to use format allows cashiers to serve customers with ease and convenience. Customers are happy to be able to have multiple options for payment, as well.

When it comes to services rendered, like hair and nail salons, or even doctors’ offices, the simplicity and consumer compatibility make it a smooth process for consumers and patients to easily make copayments, or add tips for services.

Receipts are a breeze offering customers options of printed receipts, texted receipts or emailed receipts. This also pleases those environmentally conscious customers who will become return customers with the satisfaction of knowing they are supporting a company that is helping the environment.

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