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We offer a different approach when it comes to credit and debit card processing. Our 25 years of experience allows us to offer professional guidance in the industry. We want to help you protect your business from any trouble regarding fines, charge-backs or account cancellations. Our Cash Discount pricing model charges a flat $7.00 per month per account with no long term contract and provides a significant pricing opportunity. More merchants are moving to our Cash Discount program as it allows them to be more competitive overall as well as increasing their profit margins.

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Most likely, you are already aware of the rise in popularity of Cash Discount Programs or fee surcharge programs, which serve as a way to offset merchant service fees. The Durbin Amendment of 2013 states that businesses in all 50 states are allowed to offer a discount to customers paying with cash, as an incentive to pay with cash instead of using a card. In essence, a Cash Discount Program allows you to implement a service fee or fee surcharge to those customers paying with a card, while generously giving a discount to the people paying with cash. This type of program has been implemented by a variety of gas stations for a number of years now, but cash discounts are not only for gas stations. More merchants are starting to use these cash pricing models, as well. Merchants are now able to empower their customers by giving them a choice to receive a cash discount, which enables the merchant to avoid payment processing fees because the consumer is covering it. By choosing to use a card and pay the extra fee for their transaction, customers are thereby eliminating processing fees for merchants. This is much better for merchants.

Gone are the annual rate increases and hidden fees. We also provide a 0 processing rate, and we have no hidden fees, nor any transaction fees. We provide advanced payment terminals, and we only charge a flat rate of $7 per month, when you use our Cash Discount Program.

Credit Debit Processing has 25 years of merchant experience in the credit & debit card processing industry that allows us to offer professional guidance for your business. Please contact us and we can provide you with all the information you need to make a cost saving decision, and to sign up for our Cash Discount Program that is sure to save you thousands of dollars without a long term contract.

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